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            Real Estate
            Logo Design

            • ? Between 3-10 logos to choose from
            • ? Original, custom-made designs by professional designers
            • ? Money back guarantee*

            Our professional designers are specialized in real estate logo design. With years of experience, they will design creative solutions for your brand.

            See some of our
            real estate logos

            Home Haven
            DJ Property Holdings
            Bonnie Collins
            1st Signature
            Regal Home Development
            Mark Penner
            CITI LUXE
            Halder Developments
            Kelvin Dina
            Bayside Staging

            What makes real estate logo design different?

            As a real estate agent you constantly need to do 2 things: 1. Get noticed and 2. Gain trust. Maybe more so than any other industry, as often you’re dealing with proportionally large portions of people’s income, but you only get a small space to communicate this trust.

            This means your brand needs to be able to get noticed and gain trust in just a split second. For instance while driving by or through a small advert somewhere.

            At DesignBro, we work with Real Estate agents globally and understand this like no other design agency. Our logo designers are experts in translating your realty business to a professional design that will inspire trust and help you close deals.

            Professional logo design for realtors and mortgage brokers

            Lauren picture

            “ The designer was beyond great to work with. ”

            “ The designer was beyond great to work with. His original design was fantastic!! He listened to all of my requests and was quick to bring me new updated ideas. I'd work with him again any day!! ”

            What does logo
            design cost?

            You can buy between 3 - 10 logo designs. The more logos, the bigger the choice to pick your winner from. No matter what number you go for, we guarantee professional and original work done by top-level designers only.
            Most popular
            Number of designs to choose from 3 5 7 10
            Top quality designers ? ? ? ?
            Copyright on winning design ? ? ? ?
            Refund policy ? ? ? ?
            Blind contest ? ? ? ?
            Vector (open) files ? ? ? ?
            Price $199 $304 $389 $479

            Add business cards and more for your real estate company

            Get more than just a logo. For just an additional $200, get a complete professional look for your real estate company.
            • ? Logo design
            • ? Business cards
            • ? Letterhead
            • ? Envelope
            • ? Compliment slip
            Bayside Realty

            Real estate logo
            design contest

            Design contest lets our designers compete for your business. This drives original and high-quality logo submissions. You choose the winning design which will be fully yours and delivered in all necessary files.

            3-10 professional designs

            How many designs do you want to choose from? Just select your number. Designers can’t see eachother’s work so there’s only unique and creative content.

            Full copyrights & all files

            The chosen winning design will be delivered to you in all necessary files and you will own the full copyrights.

            Money back guarantee

            We want you to be happy. That’s why we don’t call it a refund policy but our Happy Client Policy. Read more about the terms right here

            Find out more about
            our logo design

            Question? Check our FAQ

            + -
            Where are your designers from?

            Our logo designer’s work is thoroughly vetted before they are allowed to join DesignBro. This means we only accept the best 5% of all applicants. The designers are based all over the world, but the largest clusters are based in Europe and the Americas.

            + -
            Can you make me something else than a logo and a brand identity?

            Yes, just reach out to us & we will be able to help you.

            + -
            What makes logo design for real estate different?

            The small amount of space & time to communicate your brand and build trust is unique in the real estate industry. Are people going to trust you and believe you based on the split second your brand had to communicate. We help you build that trust.

            + -
            How long does logo design take?

            Check out the full logo design project timing. Keep in mind that during the last stage, you will already have all the files & will be good to go.

            + -
            Can you help me think of a great name?

            Not as a project yet. But if you are having a difficult time making a decision between a couple of options, one of our team-members will be happy to help you make a choice.

            + -
            Will you keep my project a secret?

            Yes, if you select the $35 ‘keep my project a secret’ option while placing your order. This cannot be done retrospectively.

            + -
            Will I get the copyright & are the ‘open files’ included?

            Yes, the copyright will automatically transfer to you, as per our terms & conditions, once you pick your winner & approve the final files. You will receive ‘open’ and editable vector files ( .ai format) that are industry standard.

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